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My family have been butchers sundries men for three generations and butchers since the 1800s. In the past thirty years we diversified from selling sundries into the blending of herbs & spices, and the manufacture of seasonings. With this wealth of experience we have produced many different seasonings for many different customers. Our seasonings have formed the key ingredient in finished products that have been sold everywhere.

Our seasonings are made using only the finest herbs and spices from the four corners of the world. These are carefully selected and blended together using our own special recipes to create some very distinctive flavours.

In this book we chosen a selection of different seasonings from the many hundreds we have on file Classical recipes such as Lincolnshire and Cumberland stand alongside modern seasonings such as Tunisian Harissa and Algerian Merguez.

Our aim in this book is to enable our customers to offer a wide range of products without having to spend a fortune. Our pack sizes are smaller and therefore cheaper, without compromising on quality. If larger quantities are required all the seasonings and mixes are available in bulk.


Our Seasonings are created and produced for the following meats in mind:

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