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Sausage Seasonings & Mixes
Our mixes are offered in two formats - sausage seasonings and sausage mixes. A 'sausage mix' is a complete sausage mix and is packed in 6 x 1.060kg in most cases. All you need to add is water and meat.

A 'sausage seasoning' will require the addition of rusk, water and meat. Available in bulk buckets (15kg) or sachets (28 x 227g or 20 x 300g).

Each packet of 227g, 300g or 1.060kg will produce 9kg (20lb) of finished product.

Burger Mixes
Burger mixes are complete mixes and only require the addition of meat and water.

Delivery & Ordering
There is no minimum order, but products are sold by the case.

Orders of three cases or more are delivered free of charge within the UK.

You can order through this website or call us on 01438 871967.

Our philosophy is simple: source quality ingredients and blend them together to create seasonings with real character.

Herbs and spices are natural ingredients with complex flavours and so are prone to change from harvest to harvest. Some companies try to standardise their ingredients by using oil extracts from herbs and spices. This approach means you don’t get the full flavour from the spices.

We design our recipes using ground herbs and spices so you get that full flavour - the way nature intended.

We then use our three generations of experience to carefully adjust recipes to account for the seasonal changes. So you get the same, full flavoured seasoning, every time.


Our Seasonings are created and produced for the following meats in mind:

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