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Sausage Mixes

Our sausage mix seasonings are loved by butchers, caterers and passionate home cooks too!  They can transform any sausage recipe into a mouth-watering product that will be remembered by your customers and family.

You will see that our sausage mixes are created for most types of meat including pork, beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and game.  If you are not sure if a sausage mix suits a type of meat you have in mind please call our friendly team on 01438 871 967 and they will be very happy to help and advise you.

Our flavours are changing all the time to reflect the changes and trends in our industry, however we also keep the well-known favourites too.  Keep checking our website for new mixes!

We have a great range of sausage mix flavours varying from the well 'hot and spicy' and 'Lincolnshire' to the more unusual 'lime and ginger' and 'stilton and celery..... check out our full list below. 

Please also note that we also offer gluten free mixes – this mix does not compromise on flavour – it tastes delicious!

If you click on the 'type of meat' button on the left it will filter the types of mix into the meat choice too making it easy for you to choose the right sausage mix for you. 

We hope you and your customers enjoy tasting our extensive range of flavours.

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